Lucy Hammond

Creative Producer
A headshot of Luch Hammond. She has long brown hair.
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Elliot Davies

Lucy is a Creative Producer and currently Projects Producer at Pilot Theatre. Her work is focused on immersive and interactive storytelling. Her most recent projects in 2021 include ’The Archive’, an interactive game exploring happiness and the VR experience called ‘Monoliths’ (Re:Publica 2022), celebrating the voices of northern women and the northern landscape. Lucy’s 2019 VR piece, ‘Traitor’ which combines virtual reality, film and a live actor premiered in competition at Tribeca Film Festival 2019. Lucy has also presented and hosted at several conferences including Beyond Conference 2021, Culture 24: Let’s Get Real, The Immersive Storytelling Symposium at Liverpool John Moores University, Sharing is Caring: Shared Experiences in Mixed Reality panel at Tribeca Film Festival and PlatformSHIFT+ Creative Forums in Tallinn, Budapest and Lisbon.