Alexander Balas

business development manager
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Since 2014, I've been fully committed to supporting Berlin Recycling in making the city more livable and resilient. We aim to be your preferred partner for reliable and responsible waste management in Germany's bustling capital.

Setting a new agenda for the future impact of Berlin Recycling has been a significant milestone for me. Developing and implementing a fresh vision and strategy for the company has posed challenges for the entire team. My curiosity, positivity, and persistence have been instrumental in this endeavor. As Joe Kaeser recently stated, I strongly believe that the purpose of business is to serve society, not just focus on profit.

When I'm not envisioning the transformation of the recycling industry towards a circular economy, I enjoy cruising the city on my skateboard with my beloved wife.

"Embrace change, for it is the only constant!"


re:think Circular Economy – KI-gesteuerte Innovationen in der Kreislaufwirtschaft

Alexander Balas, Sebastian Daus, Laura Marie Edinger-Schons, Ksenia Nekrasova, Leonhard Nima

Unter dem Titel "re:think Circular Economy" diskutieren wir die Potentiale, Risiken und Überschneidung von Künstlicher Intelligenz und Kreislaufwirtschaft - zwei globalen Megatrends, die dazu beitragen können, die Zukunft zum Besseren zu gestalten.
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Panel discussion