Oliver Czeslik

Founder and Creative Producer
Oliver Czeslik
Photo credit / Image credit
Kathrin Brunner

Oliver Czeslik is an award-winning creator, writer and producer of VR experiences, plays and films. His plays have been performed internationally, including "khaddafi rocks" by Philip Seymore Hoffman staged in New York. He has produced feature films for cinema and TV, mostly based on his scripts, which have been shown on Sky Movies and ZDF, as well as in cinemas. Oliver has been a regular lecturer, including at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin/dffb), and has led international workshops, including at the Theatertreffen Berlin. Founder of the screenplay department of S. Fischer Verlag, Frankfurt a.M.
Oliver Czeslik founded mYndstorm productions together with Kathrin Brunner to bring movement into structures - between film, science, VR, AI and art. After "Mind The Brain!" he just finished the 2nd part of the delimitation trilogy -"i wanna be ur dog“- as writer and director.
mYndstorm productions collaborates with artists, scientists and technologists to create a new understanding of narration.