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Evgeny Kalachikhin graduated with distinction from the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF, Germany, earning an M.F.A in Editing. He brings a diverse background in Direction and Journalism, supported by degrees from prestigious high schools. With over a decade of experience in television, working as a director, editor, and newsreel editor, Evgeny transitioned his focus upon moving to Berlin, Germany, in 2013. In Berlin, his work has predominantly centered on independent film and the realms of VR/XR, alongside contributing as an art director on various VR and Virtual Production projects at the Film University Babelsberg and other institutions and production companies.

Since 2021, Evgeny has dedicated himself to 3D scanning and the creation of environments for virtual production and other media applications. Since 2024, Evgeny also works as independent artist under the brand SMARTMAGIC Studio. 

Evgeny's impact as a director, editor, colorist, and XR/VP artist has led to notable nominations and recognition.


THE PORTAL XR EXHIBITION: "Die wenige Zeit", VR-Experience mit der Holocaust-Überlebenden Margot Friedländer

Britta Strampe, Evgeny Kalachikhin , Christian Zipfel

Berlin, 1943: Margot Friedländers Mutter und ihr Bruder Ralph werden von der Gestapo verhaftet und Richtung Osten deportiert. Unwissend, wo ihre Familie ist, versteckt sich die jugendliche Margot im Berliner Untergrund. Nach 15 Monaten jedoch wird sie gefasst und nach Theresienstadt deportiert.
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