Anna Sophie Herken

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Anna Sophie Herken has been a board member of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) since August 2023. She brings many years of experience as an international manager and board member across various sectors (public, private, and non-profit), industries, and countries, combining private sector expertise with experience in international cooperation. Before her position at GIZ, she was, among other things, Business Division Head at Allianz Asset Management GmbH and a board member at Allianz Life in the USA and CPIC Fund Management Ltd in China, as well as President and Chair of the Board of the Allianz Foundation for North America. Previously, she was CFO at HPC Capital, Managing Director of the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, at the EBRD in London, worked for the World Bank in Washington DC on projects in India, Africa, and Eastern Europe, and was employed by the German Federal Ministry of Economics.

Anna studied law in Germany, France, and the USA and completed an MBA at Cambridge University. She is a member of GenerationCEO and is active in the Board of Trustees of the AllBright Foundation, which advocates for more women and diversity in leadership positions in business, on the board of the German Network for Business Ethics (DNWE), on the Supervisory Board of the International Rescue Committee (IRC) Germany, and in the General Assembly of Save the Children Germany. Anna is German-Swedish.


Data Against Disasters: How Big Data and AI can protect us from future health crises

Anna Sophie Herken, Mary Mbole-Kariuki, Nina Bekele, Christine Mhundwa

From the prevention of pandemics to the prediction of health risks - the use of data and AI brings unimagined opportunities. While chances and risks are limitless, global challenges must be viewed globally: who cares that Data is accessible and AI used fairly, especially in African countries?
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