Chiara Manfletti

Professor of Space Mobility and Propulsion
Chiara Manfletti
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Chiara Manfletti holds a masters degree in aeronautical engineering from Imperial College London (2001), a masters degree in space studies from the International Space University (2002) and a PhD from RWTH Aachen (2010). She worked for the German Aerospace Center in liquid rocket propulsion. She later joined the European Space Agency in 2016, as Programme Advisor to the Director General and then as the Head of Policy and Programmes Coordination. She guided the preparation of ESA Ministerial Meetings programmatically and financially. In March 2019 she was nominated the first President of the then just founded Portuguese national space agency and setup the space agency from scratch as a modern space agency and established a new space implementation strategy for Portugal. Today she is Professor of Space Mobility and Propulsion at the TUM and CEO of Neuraspace.