Fadia Elgharib

Fadia Elgharib
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Fadia Elgharib

Fadia is a Berlin based Digital Media Activist and Legal Consultant from Cairo, Egypt.
She has been part of the Global Innovation Gathering Network (GIG) since 2018 and is currently working at GIG as a project manager. She has worked as a corporate lawyer in Cairo for three years before changing her focus to Legal and Digital Media Activism. Fadia has volunteered for re:publica during the past two years and now is working with Re:publica on the Off Stage Action of the Community Garden.


Maker Community Exchange

Kirstin Wiedow, Gertrude Goh, Fadia Elgharib, Tom Hansing, Jessica Guy, Rahim Md Abdur, Antonio de Jesus Anaya Hernandez

A meeting between networks of community networks supporting makers, makerspaces and hubs. Money can take a wide range of shapes, sizes and forms. We are meeting like-minded individuals to exchange knowledge and share the different mix of assets which are the social and natural capital that feeds the physical and financial capital of a community.
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Meet Up

Open Hardware Exhibition - Makerspace

Fadia Elgharib, Daniel Wessolek, Sara Diaz Rodriguez, Natalija Krasnoperova, Spyros Libre Water, LibreWater, Tom Dietel, Bezawork Tilahun Mindaye, Sarah Prien

The Open Hardware Exhibition will showcase a worldwide collection of open hardware, demonstrating how open hardware can end some global challenges and offer new ways to solve these challenges.

Pass by the Makerspace to get a closer look!
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