Fadia Elgharib

Fadia Elgharib
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Fadia Elgharib

Fadia is a Berlin based Digital Media Activist and corporate lawyers from Cairo, Egypt.
She has been part of the Global Innovation Gathering Network (GIG) since 2018 and is currently working as the Community Manager of GIG. Since 2020, Fadia works in collaboration with re:publica's team to create and curate the Makerspace at re:publica


Why Change needs Community - How Communities such as Habibi.Works and the Global Innovation Gathering Strive to Create Impact

Mimi Hapig, Fadia Elgharib

Life in our globalised world is marked by complex challenges - from a pandemic, over climate change to forced migration, just to name a few. It can feel impossible for the individual to make a difference. The way to create impact? Communities. This talk shares learnings from Habibi.Works and GIG.
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