Elisa Lindinger

Head of Prototype Fund

Elisa Lindinger is the director of the Prototype Fund which supports innovative projects of software developers. She focuses on researching new, bottom-up ways towards digital innovation and supports tech projects by fundraising for them and by organizing and facilitating community events.

As a trained archaeologist, Elisa has worked at the intersection of culture and computer science for several years, both in and outside of academia. She studied 3d scanning for archaeological artifacts and machine learning for archaeological data. She designed the research databases for the Musawwarat Graffiti Archive and for the German Archaeological Institute at the pyramids of Meroe within the Qatar Sudan Archaeological Project. After quitting the realm of archaeology, she became a research associate at the IT department of HTW Berlin, where she worked on setting up HTW’s Research Center for Culture and Computer Science.

After several years in academia and as a freelancer, Elisa decided to change course and is now part of the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany. She is now head of the Prototype Fund, which is the first funding program of its kind in Germany and aims at defining new means to foster innovation and tech for the good cause.