Julia Vernersson

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Julia Vernersson
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Julia Vernersson, work to create opportunities for journalists who face structural barriers in the media with Unbias the News and the Hostwriter network. With more than 15 years of experience in international organizations, building structures and networks to find innovative ways to address socio-political problems and inspire creative forces for social change, she has a deep interest in media and its role in shaping the way we understand the world. Before arriving at Hostwriter, she held the position of Head of Media Development at Sourcefabric, Europe’s largest developer of open-source software for news media. 

Joining forces - Exposing and reporting on climate crisis preparations

Wafaa Albadry, Mercy Abang

Are governments really preparing for the climate crisis ahead? What is being done to minimize the impact we now know will come, rising sea levels, extreme weather and drought? We want to know, and we are not the only ones!

If you too are working to inform the public about what is happening, come join us and let’s compare notes together!
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