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Researcher + Hacktivist + Professor
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Offray Luna-Cárdenas is a long time hacktivist for knowledge and culture as common goods and digital technology as particular embodiment and enabler of them in several fields: Free Libre Open Source Software and Openness in Data, Science and Reproducible Research, Educational Resources and Government, knowledge management, among others. He has undergrad studies on Informatics-Mathematics, master studies on education and is a PhD(c) on design and creation. Is a founding member of the HackBo hackerspace in Bogotá (Colombia) and is working on reciprocal modification between communities and digital artifacts, by building and bridging critical code+data literacy and visualization community practices with moldable digital artifacts and pocket infrastructures. He works as a consultant, dataviz coder, teacher and researcher.


The next small thing: circular economies and alternative social networks

Offray Luna

How alternative, distributed, and local first social media, could be used in the small to deploy, empower, showcase and reinforce circular economies? How the tech, data and algorithms behind become a common, to be understood, built and changed in plurality? A showcase of embodied practices and conceptual prototypes to approach such questions.
Stage 4

Beyond the Feediverse: peer to peer social media and circular economy networks

Offray Luna

You will install, use, and deploy peer to peer social media networks based in the Secure Scuttlebutt Protocol. In contrast with oligopolistic social media and the so called feediverse (like Mastodon), peer to peer social media has no servers and the data, identity and social graph of its inhabitants.
10 people Max, and bring your Laptop with you!
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