Lars Rummel

XR Curator and Painter
Wir sehen eine weiße Person mit welligem dunkelblondem Haar. Die Person trägt ein blau gestreiften Hemd mit einem weißen T-Shirt darunter.
Foto/Bild Credit
Susann Jehnichen

Lars Rummel is a freelance publicist, curator, and programmer for XR-works. In the last 6 years, Lars curated XR exhibitions, conferences, and workshops for several international festivals and institutions. In his work, he explores how XR curations can be seen as spaces physical spaces to explore inner landscapes and how these spaces can be told in various ways beyond cramped definitions of media and exhibitions. In his praxis, he focuses on XR and playful new media storytelling as cultural artefacts, democratic tools and explores the ethics behind it. He has an MA in media culture from the University of Leipzig and a BA in media science and psychology. Recently he started exploring the intersection of XR storytelling, XR exhibitions and more traditional art forms like theatre, dance, and painting as a form of embodied emotions.