Kathrin Hunze

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Media artist, artistic researcher and lecturer based in Berlin. She creates video works, installations and performances at
the intersections of different forms of staging in the context of the moving image with new media. Her artistic research
focuses on the exploration of processes, mechanisms and ethical aspects of new technologies and their effects in com-
plex systems. She graduated with distinction of the Berlin University of the Arts and has a BA in communication design
at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. She is board member of the Media Art Association Berlin and part of
the collectives nox&honig and raumperspektive.
She received scholarships from Stiftung Kunstfonds Bonn 2022 and Germany Federal Ministry of Education & Research
2018/2019 and was artist in residence at Artistic Artfact/Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology 2023, »Q21/Paraflows«, Vienna
2021 and at the Institute for Electronic Music & Acoustics, Graz 2019.
Her works were presented at Centre Pompidou, World of Networks, Paris; Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin (Solo);
Museum of Nordic Digital Art/Charlottenborg Kunsthal, Kopenhagen 2022; Roboexotica Linz; Q21 Museumquartier,
Data Me: Data Sugar, Vienna (Solo); Ars Electronica Keplar Garden, CrossPerception, Linz 2020, New York Hall of Sci-
ence, Infinite Potentials Part II, New York City; Helmut Newton Museum, Biologie und Bauen, Berlin 2018. She per-
formed at Panke Gallery, Alte Münze, Silent Green, Berlin 2023 und 2020; Naturkunde Museum, PlantiSonics, Berlin;
Soundstack, London, UK, 2019; CTM Vorspiel, Berlin 2018.