Volunteer Areas

You support us in looking after the re:publica media partners and journalists or partners and speakers or participants and welcome them in a friendly manner. You validate tickets at the accreditation, issue festival badges and admission wristbands. You make sure that everyone finds their way around and gets off to a good start at re:publica. You should have good communication skills, be calm and patient, and have a good command of English.

If you don't want to miss out on any of the three-day programme and also like to be physically active, then become a build-up/-down volunteer. You will need sturdy, closed shoes and clothes that can get dirty. (Please no trainers/sneakers or cloth shoes if possible - preferably safety shoes).

Are you patient and stress-resistant? Then this is the right place for you. The cloakroom / suitcase cloakroom is located directly next to the accreditation. There are periods when there is less work to do, but at busy times you should keep your cool and stay on top of things. You may be assigned to other areas during quiet times.

As a flex volunteer, spontaneity and flexibility are the most important prerequisites. You help out wherever support is needed. This can be at the accreditation or in hospitality - but physical commitment might also be required. It’s also possible that there are stretches of time when there’s nothing to do. Let yourself be surprised! You need sturdy, closed shoes. (No trainers/sneakers or cloth shoes if possible).

As a hospitality volunteer, you are the face of re:publica and will work in various areas with visitor contact.

Where can I find the toilet? When is the lecture? How do I log into the W-LAN? At the Infopoint you are the central point of contact for all guests of re:publica. If you are communicative and enjoy being helpful and answering questions patiently, this is a suitable position for you. To be able to answer questions from both German and international guests, you should have a good command of both languages.

We will have an area for kids and their parents. The supervisory duty stays with the parents. Parents will be told that the kids space provides facilities, which are particularly kids-friendly. That means you are no kindergartener, but have an eye on the whole area and make sure that everything runs smoothly: Call the supervisor in case of trouble, run some errands, or be the contact person for parents and/or kids.

As Program Runner, you will support us mainly with speaker support, but you will also help out in emergencies. Is there not enough water at the stage? A speaker is not yet at the right stage? Let's go! We also look after the interpreters and translators and inform them about changes or special presentation formats. As a volunteer in the programme area, you should have a good command of English & German, be able to keep calm in stressful situations, and have a friendly manner.

You will print (under guidance) this year's festival logo on the items of clothing handed in by visitors at the Infopoint to give them a sustainable souvenir of re:publica 24.

Does the stage need to be cleaned up? Is there water at the stage? Does a technician need something to eat or drink? Are all the doors closed? Do guests need help? Do we need fresh air? You will assist the stage managers and contribute to the smooth running of the programme.

You guard entrances or exits to the venue or stages or direct the flow of visitors, thus ensuring a safe and smooth event.

As a volunteer in the Tech Team you will support all technical areas (audio/lighting/video/streaming) of the re:publica. Cables, cable ties and duct tape: these are your main tools. You will support the network setup and should bring along a certain affinity for technology, as well as physical commitment, which is especially needed for putting down cables. Please only pick this if you are physically fit and have some basic technical knowledge. You will mainly be involved in setting up and dismantling the technical equipment for re:publica. You will need sturdy, closed shoes. (If possible, please do not wear trainers/sneakers or cloth shoes - preferably safety shoes).

TINCON Berlin, the youth conference for the digital society, will also take place from 27 to 29 May. At TINCON, everything revolves around the topics of young people growing up digitally. The programme is divided into many areas: Games, Net Policy & Code, Media Literacy, Science & Education, Music & Lifestyle, as well as Activism and you will take on a variety of tasks such as accreditation, workshop support, set-up and dismantling, stage assistance, and hospitality.

We have various workshop spaces spread across the event site, in which several workshops are offered each day by different workshop organisers. Your task will be to be available as a contact person for one of these spaces and to help the workshop organisers with the preparation and clean-up work.