Explore innovation at the Makerspace

15.05.2024 - The Makerspace at re:publica is a hub where attendees engage in hands-on workshops and see innovation in action.
Ein Schild für den Maker Space auf der re:publica. Im Hintergrund sind Menschen zu erkennen.

Hosted in the community garden, this area is designed to encourage diverse and spontaneous creative sessions. From upcycling old clothes with cutting-edge technology to learning how to turn wood waste into new products, there’s something for everyone.

Highlights of this year's event include:

  • Prompting for Pullovers: An upcycling workshop where you can transform old garments using the latest in generative AI.

  • Solar DIY: Learn to make functional solar devices from old solar panels.
  • Wood to Wealth: Discover how to turn wood scraps into valuable products using open-source tools.

Education and sustainability are at the core of our workshops. Participants will engage in building practical solutions like “rain-in-a-box” for water conservation, and gadgets that make everyday life easier and more sustainable. Another highlight is the "Building Bridges: Soldering for Climate Change Awareness" workshop, which uses DIY electronics to illuminate the impacts of climate change in Togo through hands-on learning. Participants will solder LEDs onto a custom circuit board, gaining insights into the environmental challenges faced by regions in sub-Saharan West Africa. We will also delve into the world of accessible technology with the BrailleRap project, turning unused 3D printers into machines that print Braille. Education continues to be a thread of hope promising a more prosperous future; as we talk about robotics, permacomputing for resilience and tap into the traditional forms of knowledge and their intersection with today's world of innovation.

The Global Innovation Gathering, a long-time partner of re:publica, is once again curating the programme in the Makerspace - in collaboration with Machbar Potsdam and Felix Just and supported by the Distributed Design Platform. The venue's open garden setting is perfect for both serious innovation and end-of-day celebrations.

The Makerspace at re:publica welcomes everyone with its diverse array of speakers and inclusive projects. The area features a central workshop space, a co-working area, an exhibition of open hardware, and a unique bamboo solar tower installation. The Makerspace is more than just a place to observe—it’s where you can actively participate in creating solutions that have a real impact.

Join us at the #rp24 Makerspace

Don't just watch—get involved! Participate in workshops, meet global innovators, and be inspired. For more details, check out the complete programme here:

Makerspace programme