Help create the "Hands On" programme at re:publica!

05.01.2022 - Join the CfP and submit your creative ideas about Making and Learning at re:publica 22 now!
Glückliche Menschen bei einem Workshop
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It's time to overcome the fatigue of the past two years. It's time to get going and to pick up the energy that inspired us at the beginning of 2020 again. With our "Hands On" programme, we want to build on your many wonderful actions and ideas that we were unable to implement back then and had to do without for far too long. Shape the re:publica with workshops and tutorials! Invite people to descend into virtual worlds and explore new paths together!

Plenty of space for your ideas  
Build architectural models with 3D printers, teach participants to debunk deepfakes, run a green coding workshop or a tutorial on campaigning against hate speech, host a crypto party, a TikTok dance tutorial or have robots boxing in the arena. Here are even more ideas: How do I build a Virtual Influencer and get rich doing it? How do I send my collective to a desert planet with Virtual Production? How do I write climate fiction and pitch my story as a script?

Games Games Games 
Bros and games—that's often the clichéd starting point. And yet games are a delightfully democratising, diverse and liberating medium. Not only to escape the dullness of everyday life, but also to make new connections, challenge oneself and discover new things. We ask ourselves, what societies are we recreating when we create virtual worlds? And who creates these worlds for whom? What mechanisms can be gamified for social challenges? It's all just a game, isn't it?!  For "Hands On" we are looking for your game ideas addressing these questions, playfully searching for solutions, disruptively stimulating thought and merely being fun. 

For all this, we will create even more space at re:publica 22. And that is why we are finally dedicating a separate section in our Call for Participation to the educational, hands-on and game formats of our "Hands On" programme. The following formats are available in this category:

  • Workshop: Intensive practical session with 1-2 workshop leaders
  • Tutorial: Intensive learning programme with 1-2 workshop leaders
  • Dialogue Format: Fishbowl discussion, World Café, speed geeking with moderation, and much more
  • Games: Develop, test or play a game together with others at re:publica

From the vision to practical applications: The "Hands On" festival area is alive with your contributions inviting participation. Makers, coders, gamers, labs and collectives, experts from all fields—there are no limits to your creativity! We are looking forward to your ideas for the "Hands On" programme, and we invite you to submit them in our Call for Participation until 6 February 2022.

Find all information about the Call for Participation here and in our FAQ. Or head straight to our CfP registration and submit your idea here.