Let's dance: Your ideas for the "Nightlife" programme of re:publica wanted!

26.01.2022 - No festival would be complete without music, dancing and partying! We are looking forward to your submissions for the Nightlife programme!
Die Band „Children“ auf der Bühne der re:publica 2018.
Photo Credit
Daniel Großjohann/re:publica

After a packed day of talks, discussions and workshops, the #rp22 "Nightlife" programme will create a festival feeling during the summer evenings of re:publica. In the club, at the bar and on the outside areas, you will have the opportunity to relax with a drink, dance, enjoy concerts and just have fun among the re:publica community. Together with you we will turn the night into day!

A nightlife section is not new at a re:publica, but we will be able to give it a larger space at #rp22 and are looking forward to your creative submissions as part of the Call for Participation. We're excited about musicians, DJ sets, karaoke organisers, slams, dance & theatre performances, silent disco and everyone who wants to celebrate together with the participants at re:publica 22 with their contributions.

Join the call and bring your party to re:publica!

The Call for Participation for the Nightlife programme ends on 06 March 2022 (23:59 CET). General information about the Call for Participation can be found here and in our FAQ