The re:publica makerspace is back!

04.06.2022 - Visit the meeting point of the maker scene and discover hardware innovations at #rp22.
Visual Makerspace: Verschiedene Menschen sitzen in einem Kreis und unterhalten sich; darüber ein Schild „rp:international Space“
Photo Credit
Stefanie Loos/re:publica

The Makerspace is happening at re:publica 22 and as usual is bringing together some of the most brilliant makers and innovators from around the world. This year and after a long wait we can finally welcome you physically at the Makerspace, where you can experience first hand the Making Culture using digital technologies like 3D printers, laser cutters and more..!

Curated by the Global Innovation Gathering e.V. and with support from our membership in the Distributed Design Platform, we host full-on three days of Workshops, Meetups and Exhibitions, all happening in the Makerspace at the heart of re:publica. Whether developing robots, learning how to replace plastic bags with biodegradable materials, making your own eco-prints on DIY bio leather, or recording crawling insects by adapting programming code, our workshops program will ensure you leave with some real Hands-on knowledge. Learn more about the Workshops programme here.

At the comfort of the HomeBase, our Meetups will bring speakers and the audience closer in a more relaxed environment to talk about open science publications, critical Making and decentral production at Makerspace. Our Makerspce is surrounded by several exhibitions where we unbox Open Hardware devices that solve societal problems and can be replicated mainly because of their open documentation. All the way from Iraq we show artifacts designed and produced at Mosul Makerspace in an attempt to save some of the Iraqi heritage after the war.

As a member of Distributed Design Platform, this year re:publica focuses on the intersection of digitalisation of design and the maker movement and their ability to change the social and environmental realities of different communities globally. The makerspace is a three-day popup manifestation of this different possible reality. We look forward to meeting you there!

Special thanks to the amazing xHain, Network of open workshops Brandenburg and the machBar from Potsdam for building and supporting the makerspace. 
This year's Makerspace is being presented by the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB).


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The Distributed Design Platform acts as an exchange and networking hub for the emerging field of distributed design. The initiative aims at developing and promoting the connection between designers, maker and emerging digital and local markets

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Global Innovation Gathering (GIG) is a vibrant, diverse community of innovation hubs, makerspaces, hackerspaces, and other grassroot innovation community spaces and initiatives, as well as individual innovators, makers, technologists, and changemakers. GIG is pursuing a new vision for global cooperation based on equality, openness and sharing. We aim to enable more diversity in the production of technology and global innovation processes, and support open and sustainable solutions.