#rp22 Magicians Siegfried & Joy: The "King Tigers of Magic"

10.05.2022 - The two artists will take to the stage with an exclusive magic show at re:publica 22!
Die beiden Magier Siegfried und Joy sitzen in einer Stuhlreihe eines Theaters und legen die Beine über die vorderen Lehnen.
Photo Credit
Max Hartmann

Siegfried d'Amour and Joy Leslie, as they are called in real life, have both been at home on stages since childhood. Siegfried was awarded the Order of Magic in the Berlin magic community at the age of six and Joy grew up in the theatre and was infected by magic by his companion.

Hardly anyone could escape the magic of the two in recent years: When Siegfried & Joy dance across the stage, glide and challenge all magic show clichés, not only the disco balls go crazy, but also the last magic sceptics.
At re:publica, the two "King Tigers of Magic" will bring their tricks, wit and charming self-irony to the big main stage and literally enchant us all in an exclusive show!

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