#rp23 keynote speaker Constanze Kurz: 10 years after Snowden

22.05.2023 - re:publica 23 marks the tenth anniversary of the Snowden revelations. How has this changed our view of the world of intelligence services?
Constanze vor einem hellen, blaugrauen Hintergrund
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That the biggest wiretapping scandal in the history of the secret services was to be expected appeared in the media as early as 2013, although the Snowden revelations were to continue for years. Ten years later, we now take a look with Constanze Kurz at the extent of the espionage attacks and the consequences. What is the status quo with the intelligence services and their piles of data?

For those who have trouble remembering the biggest NSA, GCHQ or BND scandals that came to light through the Snowden Papers, here's a refresher on intelligence surveillance and offensive hacking.

After the retrospective, however, the outlook suggests itself: What has happened in the arms race of the technical intelligence services? And how are things going for the local intelligence agencies under the German government?

Constanze Kurz is the honorary spokesperson of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC). She holds a doctorate in computer science, is a net activist, non-fiction author and editor of several books on technology, computerisation and society. She writes about issues of IT security, engineered surveillance and ethics in computer science. Since February 2015, she has been part of the author team of the blog netzpolitik.org.

Constanze was a technical expert at the Federal Constitutional Court in the context of constitutional complaint proceedings against state Trojans, data retention, the BND law, Big Data in the police and voting computers. She is a Fellow of the Gesellschaft für Informatik.

We are very much looking forward to exciting insights into the extent of the Snowden revelations with Constanze Kurz at #rp23 and, above all, what has happened since then.



Ausmaß der Enthüllungen: 10 Jahre Snowden

Constanze Kurz

Dass vom größten Abhörskandal der Geheimdienstgeschichte auszugehen sei, stand schon 2013 in den Zeitungen, obwohl die Snowden-Enthüllungen noch jahrelang weitergehen sollten. Zehn Jahre später werfen wir nun einen Blick auf das Ausmaß der Spionageangriffe und auf die Konsequenzen. Was ist der Status quo bei den Geheimen und ihren Datenbergen?
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