TINCON x re:publica 24

02.05.2024 - This year, the conference for digital youth culture will take place on all three days parallel to #rp24 at STATION.
Bühnensituation auf der TINCON.
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TINCON/Gregor Fischer

TINCON is the conference for youth culture. This year, it will take place parallel to re:publica from May 27-29, from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm, at STATION Berlin. You can look forward to a great line-up with talks, Q&As and workshops on current developments in the fields of pop, politics and digital. 

Among the various guests and speaker TINCON will welcome Parshad, TikTok star Tahsim, Emil and Oskar Belton (the creators behind “Die Discounter”) as well as Germany’s Family and Youth Minister Lisa Paus.

Tickets and workshops for free

For young people aged 13 to 25 and for those accompanying youth groups and classes, participation in TINCON and the associated workshops is free of charge after prior registration.

Further information and tickets are available here.

TINCON meets re:publica

All TINCON visitors can also attend #rp24 for free. In addition, re:publica visitors also have access to TINCON, with the exception of some workshop and lecture rooms, which are exclusively reserved for the youth. We look forward to a dialog between the generations!

Here are some of the program highlights:


The European elections will take place in June and everyone aged 16 and over will have a say in who makes decisions in the coming years. How can young people make a good choice when debates on the internet are so overheated and more and more content is simply fake? It's difficult to maintain an overview and contribute constructively. TINCON shows how political communication works, explains the parties' strategies and tricks and provides input on how to deal with disinformation and populism.

  • Recognizing right-wing symbols on TikTok // Talk with Susi @keine.erinnerungskultur
  • Behind The Scenes: Political Communication // Talk with Anna Moors and Nina Weise
  • Let's Talk about EU Elections // Quiz with Minusch Afonso and Maximilian Pichlmeier from the News-WG
  • Hope dies last (but it dies?) // Talk with Nico Semsrott and Arne Semsrott
  • QAnon, reptiloids, deep state and co. - see through conspiracy narratives and build them yourself // Workshop with Danny Schmidt and Florian Slodowski


SOCIAL MEDIA: Body image vs career opportunities

Social media has a direct influence on young people's body image, as has been proven many times over. Being constantly exposed to the oh-so-perfect bodies and easy mobeasy lifestyles of influencers who want to talk them into new miracle purchases every day is exhausting – so what's the best way to deal with this and how do you build healthy self-confidence? We'll find out. And a lot of good things happen online: careers and connections are made here.

  • Parshad! Live! // Talk with Parshad
  • Behind the screens: The reality of the influencer business // Talk with Sava Hansmann
  • Mirror selfie vs. self-perception: The daily struggle with beauty ideals on social media // Talk with Gesina Demes and Annika Prigge
  • Inside “Pro Ana”: How eating disorders are glorified online // Talk with Carla Siepmann
  • Developing your own app? Here's how // Talk with Nour Idelbi
  • “We need another woman” - Womanspreading in the comedy world // Talk with Jule Kleinschmidt and Sonni Winkler 

Entertainment in transition: POP CULTURE

Entertainment happens almost incidentally everywhere and if you want to be seen, you have to adapt to the rules of the platforms. How does good entertainment for a young target group work? The TINCON speakers lead the way.

  • Tahsim explains // Talk with Tahsim
  • From schoolyard to streaming success: “Die Discounter” makers in conversation // Talk with Emil Belton, Oskar Belton and Max Mattis
  • TINCON goes live on Twitch // Nonsense and gaming with SmashLunatic, Giggles, fisHcOp and DIR!
  • Why Gossip is political // Talk with Gizem Çelik @morethangossip
  • The manga and anime quiz with Tanoshii // Talk with Harut Estevao and Justnaddel
  • The metaverse wants to change the internet. Video games are already part of it. // Talk with Ilyass Alaoui

Everything is DIY: workshops

No TINCON without our countless opportunities to do it yourself! At TINCON Berlin, you can get creative on your own and with others. What will it be? Moving a few blocks in the Minecraft Arena? 3D printing or plotting? Or would you prefer to hone your skills in creative writing, game development or hacking? Once again, anything goes in one Making Space and three Workshop Spaces. 


If you are under 26 and have booked a free TINCON ticket, you can register for the workshops in advance. As soon as the registration is activated, all ticket holders will be informed by e-mail.



Rechte Symbole auf TikTok erkennen

Susanne Siegert

Runen und Schimpfwörter sind leicht als rechtsextrem zu erkennen - aber was tut die rechte Szene, wenn diese direkten Erkennungsmerkmale von Algorithmen rausgefiltert werden? Dann nutzen sie beispielsweise Sätze wie “Never Lose Your Smile”.
Stage 5
Speak up!

Parshad! Live!


Parshad hat im letzten Jahr nicht nur einen TedxTalk über die Marginalisierung von Frauen mit Migrationshintergrund gehalten und war mit ihrer eigenen Tour „Unglaublich hässlich“ in ganz Deutschland unterwegs.
Stage 5
Lightning Talk

Tahsim erklärt


Warum Krokodile unmoralische Tiere sind, inwiefern rechte Kanalratten nochmal an ihrer Grammatik arbeiten sollten und warum er manchmal Angst vor Deutschen namens Mandy hat - Tahsim erklärt’s euch.
Stage 5
Lightning Talk

TINCON geht live auf Twitch! Quatschen & Zocken mit Giggles, SmashLunatic, fisHc0p & DIR

fisHC0p, SmashLunatic, Kiara aka JustGiggles

Giggles, SmashLunatic und fisHc0p gehen live auf Twitch, direkt von der TINCON-Bühne 😱 Während sie Toasterball zocken, quatschen sie nebenbei miteinander und mit euch, also quasi wie auf Twitch nur im real life. Einen Platz in der Runde halten wir frei - für dich!

Stage 4 / T