Workshops, Games, Tutorials: We are looking for innovative and engaging ideas to include in our Hands On programme at re:publica!

11.01.2023 - Submit your ideas for our Hands On programme's call for participation.
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The #rp23 Hands On programme offers a variety of interactive opportunities to participate, learn, tinker, and build on site. This section of our programme is dedicated to workshops, maker tutorials, games, and other innovative, interactive formats.

We're excited to fill the Hands On programme with your ideas and projects and to create them together. Submit your contributions to our Call for Participation now!

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Workshops and Maker Tutorials 

Design architectural models with 3D printers, teach participants to debunk deepfakes or texts written by Chat GPT3, give a workshop on Green Coding or for campaigns against hate speech, host a crypto party or upcycle old solar panels to use on your balcony. Whether at the Makerspace in the Arena, or in our workshop rooms, we want you to come up with creative ideas that inspire participation and reflection. How can we upcycle, rebuild, repurpose or rethink technologies so that they serve us as a civil society and not the big corporations?

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Games Games Games 

Games and `bros`- This cliché often serves as the entry point into the exploration of virtual worlds created in the context of gaming. But games can be a medium that is both democratizing and diverse, providing opportunities for not just escapism but also for making connections, self-discovery, and learning new things. When we design virtual worlds, what kind of societies are we building? Who are these worlds being created for? Can game mechanics be used to address social issues and financial challenges? For our Hands On programme, we are seeking game ideas that explore these questions, provide playful solutions, inspire critical thinking, or are simply just: FUN!

For re:publica 23, we will be creating more space for interactive and creative formats. The Hands-On program is dedicated to these types of hands-on, game, and creative mediation formats. The options available for participation include:

  • Workshops: Intensive, practical sessions led by 1-2 workshop leaders
  • Tutorials: Intensive learning programs led by 1-2 workshop leaders
  • Dialogue Formats: Fishbowl discussions, world cafés, speed geeking with moderation, and more.
  • Games: Develop, test, or play games with others at re:publica. 

From a vision to concrete implementation: the Hands On festival programme will come to life through your creative projects. Makers, coders, gamers, labs, collectives, and experts from all fields are welcome to submit their ideas. 

We are excited to receive your ideas for the Hands On program, which you can submit to our Call for Participation until February 14, 2023.

You can find more detailed  information about our Call for Participation here and in the FAQ section on our website.

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