The Call for Participation of re:publica 23

22.11.2022 - We bring you on stage! Submit your idea now!
Der Call for Participation zur rp23
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Der Call for Participation zur rp23

The Call for Participation for re:publica 23 for the Conference and Hands On Programme is closed! THANK YOU to everyone for participating! The CfP for the Off Stage programme is still open until 12 March 2023!


It's that time again! We give your ideas, topics, projects and visions that are close to your heart a place in the re:publica programme. Because you represent what re:publica is all about!

From now on and until 14 February 2023 you can submit your idea for our Call for Participation (CfP) to re:publica 23.

re:publica 2023 will take place from 05-07 June2023 for the Second time at Arena Berlin and Festsaal Kreuzberg. During the three Festival days we want to discuss, argue, find compromises and solutions, protest, tackle, work, laugh and celebrate all together again! 

You can submit your ideas for the following three festival areas:


Speak and discuss on our stages about how we can create a digital society that is worth living in. 
Formats you can submit: Lightning Talk, Lecture, In Conversation With, Panel Discussion, Live Podcast, Meetup

Hands On 

From hardware workshops, free handicrafts and tinkering to gardening with robots, live biohacking and TikTok dance tutorials: all sessions related to making and learning have their place in our "Hands On" programme.
Formats you can submit: Workshop, Tutorial, Dialogue Format, Games

Off Stage 

Anything you can think of to perform or create on the festival grounds—artistic, activist, scientific, technological, informative.
Formats you can submit: Intervention, Performance, Installation, Contest, Film, Theatre & Musical, Special Format

Dare to share your ideas with all of us and take part in the CfP for re:publica  23! Inspiration can be found in our motto CASH as well as in our focus themes - the tracks.

Our Motto: CASH!

Every design, every idea, every change, no matter how urgent, faces financial questions at some point. The roots and effects of the current crises - of war, climate, and energy, but also the causes of social injustice and poverty, are closely interwoven with the financial market, with profits or losses, with greed or generosity. With the having and not having of financial means.

That's why we want to follow the course of money at re:publica 2023. Where does it come from, where does it travel? What are state tasks in digitization, what is being privatized and why, and what do public welfare-oriented alternatives look like? We want to ask ourselves whether democracies and social systems are luxury goods that have fallen out of time, or whether it is not rather the construct of the global market economy that is threatening to collapse under the consequences of the crises. We want to discuss this and much more with you this year. After all: It is time to talk about money! #CASH


The Call for Participation for the Conference & Hands On program ends on 14 February 2023 (23:59 CET). The deadline for Off Stage is 12 March 2023.

What awaits you is a ton of fun, the world’s best audience, exciting discussions and a legendary closing party. Come be a part of the bigger picture and, with your very individual contribution, help make re:publica the most exciting conference for digital society in Europe.

All Infos

Everything you need to know for your submission can be found here as well as in our FAQ.

Check out the countless videos of past re:publica festivals on YouTube for inspiration or take a look at the programme of the most recent re:publica #rp22.

We are looking forward to your ideas!