From Satellite Imagery to Counter Aesthetics – an Open Conversation

Till Rückwart, Andrea Garcia Vasquez

Till Rückwart & Andrea Garcia Vasquez invite visitors to an open conversation following a Q&A about their art installations on display at re:publica. Both artists use Google Earth as a starting point to dig into the aesthetics, data, and archives of satellite imagery depicting environmental damage on Earth and the exploitation of natural resources.

This session accompanies the Off Stage art installations 'Salty Glitches' and 'Shapes of Destruction' by providing insights into the development of the two works. The practices and projects of the two artists go in different directions. Till Rückwart creates photographs of glitches he finds in satellite imagery of salt deserts and lithium mines. Andrea Garcia Vasquez translates shapes of deforested areas in the Amazon Rainforest into tufted rugs and sculptures. Both artists, although working on different subject matter, are contemplating intertwining questions regarding narratives and poetics found within digital representations of destroyed landscape, mapping software, and aesthetics.