Just Transition – Skills for South Africa’s socio-ecological transformation

Charles Chikunda, Presha Ramsarup, Ralf Hermann

Decarbonised – and unemployed? Trained for mining – (not) wanted for greening? Proudly industrial – and desperate about future skills?
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Lightning Talk

What may sound familiar to those who experienced structural change in the “Lausitz”, the “Rust Belt” or Northern England is at least as severe in middle income countries. South Africa and their neighbours need to address the urgent need for sustainable and green transformation, while already facing harsh youth unemployment rates and social disparities. Leading researchers from Southern Africa examine how vocational education and training need to contribute to the “just transition” that is high on Africa’s agenda. Skills development is seen as an integral part of strategies for industrial transformation and inclusive economic growth.

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The Lightning Talk is funded by BMBF and part of their bilateral cooperation with the South African Department for Higher Education and Training

Bild von Presha Ramsarup
Director at the Centre for Researching Education and Labour
Porträt R. Hermann
Head of GOVET (German Office for International Cooperation in Vocational Education and Training)