Permaculture Living Lab - Open source tech solutions for sustainable food production and every day care

Mike Jensen, Nils Brock, Elektra Wagenrad, Eric Nitschke, Kersti Ruth Wissenbach, Pamela Cuadros

Experience sustainable food and energy production hands-on. Web will take you on a journey to explore building of off-grid, low tech solutions, such as solar powered irrigation systems to service plant ecosystems. Free explorations, daily guided tours and permaculture intro talks are waiting for you
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What role can technology play in an ecosystem of care for people and life on Planet A? A sincere approach is to look at technology in a permaculture context. Permaculture offers a universal set of ethics and design principles applied to seven intertwined action domains, of which tools and technology is one. Understanding how nature works is applied to the building of technology that serves its surroundings in a context and care driven way. In the Permaculture Living Lab, visitors can explore a small-scale permaculture ecosystem and experience hands-on how analog and digital tech components ´take care´ of it,  providing water, nutritions and monitoring environmental conditions in real time. All components run on solar energy, data can be analysed and key activities (ex. watering) performed automatically. Come by any time for a guided tour or attend the daily permaculture and low tech intro session. Together we want to discuss use cases and collaborations to seed more permaculture driven tech futures for and by those who care.