How to build an Educational Robot Using Fablab and Makerspace Equipment

Koffi Dodji Honou

Dive into the world of educational robotics by participating in our DIY workshop in the fablab. Discover the complete process of creating a robot, from mechanical design to final assembly and programming. Our goal is to make maximum use of the fablab's equipment, such as laser cutting...
Hands On

Embark on an exciting journey into the world of educational robotics with our DIY workshop hosted in the fablab. From conceptualization to assembly and programming, this workshop covers the entire process of creating a robot. Our aim is to maximize the utilization of fablab resources, including laser cutting, CNC machining, and electronic components, to provide participants with a hands-on and immersive experience.

1. Explore fundamental principles of mechanical design tailored for robotics.
2. Master the use of fablab equipment like laser cutters and CNC machines to craft robot components.
3. Assemble electronic and mechanical parts to bring the robot to life.
4. Develop programming skills to control and customize the robot's functionalities.
5. Foster creativity and innovation through experimentation with various fabrication techniques and materials.

Workshop Content
- Introduction to educational robotics and an overview of fablab tools.
- Mechanical design of the robot using CAD software.
- Fabrication of robot parts using laser cutting or CNC machining.
- Hands-on assembly of electronic and mechanical components.
- Programming sessions to enable the robot to perform specific tasks.
- Opportunities for customization and experimentation to create unique robots.

Target Audience:
This workshop caters to enthusiasts of all levels interested in robotics, digital fabrication, and programming. No prior experience is necessary; however, a passion for learning and creativity is encouraged.

The workshop's duration may vary based on the depth of content and activities offered. Typically, participants can expect a full-day session or multiple sessions spread over several days for an immersive experience.

Resources Provided:
Participants will have access to all necessary equipment, materials, and comprehensive guides within the fablab. Additionally, expert guidance and support will be available throughout the workshop.