Smart Agri-Box

Koffi Dodji Honou

Smart Agri-Box is an agricultural solution, adaptable to both greenhouses and open fields, the Smart Agri-Box acts like a Wi-Fi box. Automating irrigation, lighting, and nutrients, it maximizes yields. Paired with a mobile application, it simplifies management for modern and sustainable agriculture.
Hands On

The Smart Agri-Box, an intelligent agricultural system akin to a Wi-Fi box, stands out for its exceptional adaptability, catering to both greenhouses and open fields. Its sophisticated sensors actively monitor and automatically adjust environmental conditions, optimizing irrigation, lighting, and nutrients for each unique agricultural context.

The innovation extends further. Accompanying this solution, an optimized mobile application provides farmers with total control at their fingertips. This user-friendly app enables real-time monitoring, instant alerts, and remote adjustments, further simplifying daily management.

The Smart Agri-Box, coupled with its integrated mobile application, represents a comprehensive advancement for modern and connected agriculture, promising to maximize yields, enhance sustainability, and streamline management for all types of farming operations. An integrated solution to address contemporary challenges in agriculture. 


What the participant will lean and contribute to:
- Live Demonstration of the Device: Witness the device in action as we showcase its capabilities firsthand.

- Comprehensive Walkthrough of Construction Phases: Gain insights into every step involved in building the device, with detailed explanations and visual aids.

- Current Deployment and Usage: Explore how the device is currently utilized in practical agricultural settings, with real-world examples and case studies.

- Overview of Existing Functionalities: Delve into the array of features already integrated into the device, offering efficiency and convenience to users.

- Proposed Enhancements and Future Functionalities: Discover our vision for the future of the device, with exciting proposals for improvements and additional functionalities.

- Potential as an Open Source Project: Explore the potential for the device to evolve into an open-source initiative, fostering collaboration and innovation within the agricultural community.

- Advantages and Implications of Open Source Adoption: Uncover the benefits and implications of embracing an open-source approach, from increased accessibility to accelerated development.

- Impact Assessment on Agricultural Production: Assess the tangible and potential effects of the device on agricultural productivity, sustainability, and efficiency.

- Adaptability to Diverse Agricultural Environments: Learn how the device seamlessly adapts to various agricultural settings, from greenhouse cultivation to expansive open fields, ensuring optimal performance across different contexts.