Cancelled: Climate on Canvas: Embodiment as Cultural Technique

Anna Mauersberger, Lars Rummel

Location: Hoppetosse lower deck

How do we face the mess we’re in without going crazy? Climate on Canvas is an opportunity for being, relating, witnessing, healing, and restoring through the body, opening up a space for the participants to playfully discover their truth in times of collapse.
Off Stage


Mittwoch, 8.06. 14 - 16 Uhr

Donnerstag, 09.06. 11-13 Uhr  und 16- 18 Uhr

 Freitag um 14 Uhr-16 Uhr

VR meets fantasy journey meets ritual meets artistic practice: The medium is the body!  

The response to the profound crisis we are living through needs to be urgently addressed appropriately, life-affirming, playful, and rooted in compassion bringing us together in ways that we can create anything we set our minds to.

Climate on Canvas is an invitation to face these challenges as a collective with our hearts and bodies instead of our minds: No blaming, no shaming, no intellectual discourse. It is a playful and embodied deep dive into the true depths of our concern for the world: What does it feel to be alive in these intense times? What is our response? What might help us move forward, both individually as well as collectively? We invite you to consciously enter your body and mind. Explore with us the space between the known and the unknown, the conscious and unconscious, the present and the future. 

This workshop is for you if you are willing to let your body take over the steering wheel – no previous experience is needed! Be open to experience and discover new forms of meaning and sense-making through your body, as well as the willingness to explore and share with others.

You can expect a carefully curated journey through inner landscapes and virtual worlds, leading up to a gigantic Climate on Canvas painted in a community, that will carry us all beyond speech to experience. Prepare to stretch, crawl, lay, feel, travel, paint and sit with others – and let yourself be taken anywhere your wind blows. Climate on Canvas is a safer space for playful explorations between the I and the We, the Inner and the Meta, the Analogue and the Digital, the Embodied and the Artistic, the Emotional and the Intellectual. Don't worry, traveler: Open up to the flow of their embodied experience and you can find comfort or meaning, a way of being with it, a way forward. To honor and name our concern for the world is in itself a healing act: When we bring our feelings out into the conscious, they lose their power to haunt us and how we dress the world.