Trial & Error Meetup #1 - with Inputs on Questions of Feminism & Ownership & Regulation

Katrin Fritsch, Ivo Betke, Christoph Mille, Max Haarich, Andrea Goetzke, Eric Eitel

Room to further discuss about web3 Narratives. And 3 additional inputs on a) asking feminist questions about web3 and futures of the Internet, b) discussing ownership and agency of creators in web3 and web2, and 3) collective regulation in the crypto space.

Space with several corners to gather, meet informally, and discuss further about web3 narratives.

On the stage, on one side of the room, there will be the following inputs:

14:30 - Feminist Futures: Is there Feminism in Web3?
Katrin Fritsch

Feminist Futures is an ongoing participatory art project that advocates for just and diverse futures of the Internet. In workshops, participants discuss the current issues of the internet, and then re-imagine them through stories, comics, or poems. What results is an open source archive of stories that provide strategies for change ( In this meet up, we talk about the current status of the project. Then, together with the attendees, we ask feminist questions about Web3 - and create alternative visions for a feminist internet.

14:45 - Fight for Your Right of Ownership
Christoph Mille & Ivo Betke

In 2021 the average income of an artist on Spotify was $636 and it’s based on a streaming volume that the artist is unable to validate. Meanwhile e.g. on, a web3 platform, musicians can easily earn 10x that by trading fractional ownership and royalties of songs with their fans. This is a stark expression of what is wrong about web2 platforms that understand to exploit creators. Forcing them to provide their work nearly for free: Their confidential algorithms, unportable data silos and merciless exploitation of creative rights and ownership are hidden behind the promise of access to a global audience. They decide who gets attention and who might lose their living. We would like to discuss how an immutable database can fight corporate elitism and what functionalities creators need in order to participate in the web3. We would like to discuss the benefits of an immutable database and what functionalities creators need in order to participate in the web3.

15:00 - Go Regulate Yourself
Max Haarich

Under the motto "Go regulate yourself" Max Haarich will give a rather provocative input 100% biased in favor of free crypto markets. He will present profound and paranoid proof why the crypto space is and will stay a safer place than the classic economy based on their own community ethics. No FA, DYOR!


Andrea Goetzke Portrait
Curator & Cultural Producer