Dia Dia

Associate Director for Advocacy
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Dia Kayyali is Associate Director for Advocacy at Mnemonic, the umbrella organization for Syrian Archive, Yemeni Archive, and Sudanese Archive. In their role, Dia focuses on the real-life impact of policy decisions made by lawmakers and technology companies about content moderation and related topics. Previously, Dia worked at WITNESS and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Dia served as co-chair for the Advisory Network to the Christchurch Call for two years and is on the Advisory Board for OnlineCensorship.org. Pronoun: they


Digital rights and colonialism: Perspectives on tech policy from the Arabic Speaking World

Dia Dia, Mohamad Najem

The Internet connects the entire globe- yet some parts of the globe have more influence over how the Internet works than others. The EU is at the forefront of Internet-related legislation that could have global impacts. So far, those impacts have largely been negative. In this panel, we discuss how EU advocates can be global, not colonial.
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