Anastasia Papangelou

Post-doctoral researcher
Anastasia smiling in green sweater
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I am an environmental engineer with a vision to erase the concept of waste from our society. I currently work as a post-doctoral researcher at INRAE in Rennes, France, studying the past and future of organic waste in cities and regions. I hold a PhD in Bioscience Engineering from KU Leuven on the topics of circular economy and urban nutrient cycles, a MSc in Environmental Engineering from ETH Zürich, and a Diploma in Civil Engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Parallel to my research, I completed a post-graduate certificate in Science Education & Communication and have been organizing, hosting, and taking part in science and science communication related events in Belgium and online. I am also an improviser, an active member of Greek Women in STEM, and a co-creator of a children’s book inspired by research on sustainable place-making.