Linda A. Thompson

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Linda A. Thompson is a Belgian freelance journalist who writes about EU policy, legal activism and freelancing. She is the co-founder of The Friendly Freelancer, a supportive newsletter for creative freelancers. She's written about freelancing for publications like Underpinned, IJNet, Flanders DC, Nextconomy and De Journalist; and given talks about freelancing for Freelance Business, Freelancers in Belgium, the University of Leuven and Match Belgium. Between 2019 and 2021, she defended the interests of freelancers as a board member of the Belgian journalism association VVJ.


How a technical lens on representative journalism empowers everyone - from the underestimated to the unvaccinated

Hadjar Benmiloud, Nour Khairi, Linda A. Thompson

Everyone is aware that the old media model is broken, but what’s representation got to do with it? In this panel, Hadjar Benmiloud (founder, Vileine Academy), Linda A. Thompson (co-founder, The Friendly Freelancer) and Nour Khairi (founder, Kweers of the Nile) introduce a new way to level up media that can respond to complex crises.
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