Anna Pashynska

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Maria Ritsch

Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board, and Head of METALAB and PARASOLKA
Anna Pashynska is a co-founder and curator of an Urban Laboratory "MetaLab", Urban Biennale "City Scanning Session", "CoHaty" project, and maker space "Parasolka" in Ivano-Frankivsk (Ukraine). Anna is leading a wide range of projects and specializes in spatial research and design, product design, community-led public space projects, and institutional planning.

Anna was studying at the technical universities of Lviv (Ukraine) and Vienna (Austria), she was a part of the first Studio by CANactions School For Urban Studies, developing Urban Constitution for Ivano-Frankivsk. She has more than 10 years of experience in urbanism, architecture, and design in Ukraine and Austria.
Anna with the team works on a city development laboratory that supports a socially equal, spatially comfortable, culturally rich, environmentally responsible, economically balanced city (environment).
In order to reach these goals, MetaLab aims to create a supportive environment, a field for experiments, where the social and spatial potential of the city can be developed and tested in practice.



Transforming Emergency Response with Mobile Makerspaces and Healthcare Units

Anna Pashynska, Sebastian Jünemann, Konstantin Leonenko, Victoria Wenzelmann

Join our panel to learn about the benefits and challenges of mobile makerspaces and healthcare facilities in emergency response and humanitarian aid in the ongoing war in Ukraine. Hear from experts from MetaLab, CADUS and the Tolocar project on the impact of their initiatives and the role of tech, innovation and collaboration in crisis.
Panel discussion