Timor Kardum

Chief Creative Technologist
Portrait Timor Kardum
Photo credit / Image credit
Lola Rossi

Straight out of school, Timor founded OMSTUDIOS, which over the years has grew into one of the largest media production houses in Berlin. He was a pioneer in implementing VR and AR projects as well as real-time projects in virtual production. For his work, he was awarded the prestigious Shotgun Pipeline Award. He was also responsible for the development of the world's first professional camera drone, the OMCOPTER, which was considered for a Technical Academy Award and used in production like Fast&Furious and many other Blockbusters.

In his following position as VP of Technology at PwC EC, Timor led the AI and XR team and developed software and hardware prototypes for leading industrial clients.

In his current role as Co-Founder and Chief Creative Technologist at MAGIG Design + Technologies, he focuses on the areas of Generative AI, machine learning, machine vision, and cloud computing.