Antonio de Jesus Anaya Hernandez

Project Lead
Antonio visiting ARTIS-Micropia in Amsterdam.
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Anushka Deshpande 2024 CC by SA 4.0

Antonio Anaya, born in Chiapas, Mexico, is a maker, programmer, and advocate for social change through developing communities and Open-Source technologies. He graduated from the Fab Academy program and is a U.S. State Department Economic Development Fellow. Antonio leads the Open-Know-Where initiative at The Internet of Production Alliance, where he develops data specifications for the future of the Distributed Manufacturing Ecosystem. Over the past 10 years, he has participated in projects across North America, Central Europe, and the Middle East. He is currently part of the working groups in the African-European Maker Ecosystem, a Horizon-Europe funded project. Some organizations he has been actively involved with include M.I.T. MISTI Global Startup Labs, Hackaday Prize 2020, Open Hardware Makers, Flash.Act, Hack.Diversity, and Fab.City Challenge.


Engaging Communities, Collecting Data and Solving Problems

Mirko Ebelshaeuser, Antonio de Jesus Anaya Hernandez, Eric Nitschke

This is a conversation between initiatives, the UNDP Accelerator labs, UNTAPPED and the Internet of Production Alliance, Open-Know-Where (OKW), about their different approaches to collecting data and building data systems for decision-making at the community level.
Climate crisis
Civil Society
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