Antonio de Jesus Anaya Hernandez

DevOps, OKW Project Lead
Antonio posing in Lyon
Foto/Bild Credit
Anushka Deshpande 2021 CC by SA 4.0

Antonio de Jesús Anaya Hernández was born in Chiapas, Mexico. He's a technologist, and "fab academy" alumni. Since 2014, has ventured into the agrotech sector and was incubated in the GSL program at the M.I.T. Additionally, he has collaborated with NGOs to provide maker education for native communities in southern Mexico, and has been involved in projects like the Hackaday Prize Dream Teams, and mentored for the Open Hardware Makers initiative, for the project Libre Water. He's technical lead for the Open-Know-Where initiative at The Internet of Production Alliance.
To date, he has participated in projects in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East.