Kathleen Ziemann

Kathleen Ziemann
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Kathleen Ziemann  is a cultural scientist and has been working at the intersection of digital transformation and development cooperation for more than ten years. In her role as co-lead of the project FAIR Forward - Artificial Intelligence for all, she is responsible for the implementation of AI-activities in seven countries in Asia and Africa. The project's main goal is to democratize AI worldwide by ​ fostering local innovation and by open sourcing AI. Kathleen's core interest at FAIR Forward is to develop policy frameworks for ethical AI and foster dialogue on AI and Data Protection​.


Beating the gender bias in AI!

Linda Bonyo, Kathleen Ziemann, Katharina Klappheck

AI is on the rise and immensely transforming our everyday lives. But persisting biases in datasets and models of AI applications increase the underrepresentation of women. This issue is especially pressing for women in the Global South, who are bearing the brunt of these inequalities. What answers do the BMZ and its feminist digital policy offer?
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