Maximilian Seedorf

Founder & CEO
Maximilian Seedorf
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Kombuchery GmbH

Born and raised in Berlin with a creative mindset and deep understanding of Branding and Digital Innovation.

Worked with a proven track record for 9+ years across Europe and the US for Fortune500 companies and startups backed by some of the largest VCs, leading several internationalisations and creating award-winning brands.

I’m currently building up Kombuchery to change the way people refresh themselves. Establishing a healthier and socially-responsible alternative to today's softdrinks: Functional and low sugar but equally refreshing and tasty as well as advising start-ups.


Fürze, Blähungen & Leibwinde – any time the wind blows: Völlerei & Leberschmerz live

Carmen Hillebrand, Lee Greene, Thomas Knüwer , Maximilian Seedorf, Tobias Goris

In der Live-Show unseres Podcasts Völlerei & Leberschmerz gehen wir mit spannenden Interviewpartner*innen dahin, wo es stinkt: Wir sprechen mit Expert*innen über Hülsenfrüchte als Zukunft der Landwirtschaft, Tischmanieren im Wandel der Zeiten und über Kimchi.
Stage 5
Live Podcast