Achieving supply chain resilience in times of crisis: How can modern business software help and where are its boundaries?

Axel Hermanns

Supply chain disruptions of unprecedented scale have become omnipresent lately.
To which extend can modern business software help companies to better react and adapt to these disruptions?
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Lightning Talk

What comes to your mind first when you think about supply chain disruptions?

Is it last year’s blockage of the Suez Canal? Is it the prevailing shortage of micro-chips or the recent shortage of wiring harnesses (Kabelbäumen) triggered by the war in Ukraine that again threatens to shut down large parts of the automotive industry? Or is it congested ports e.g. at Long Beach (Los Angeles) or closed ports of Shanghai?

This lightning talk will shed some light both on the potential and the boundaries of modern business software to help companies - and thus economies and societies - to adapt to these disruptions.

Axel Hermanns, SAP
Regional Lead RISE with SAP and Digital Supply Chain