Beating the gender bias in AI!

Linda Bonyo, Kathleen Ziemann, Katharina Klappheck

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AI is on the rise and immensely transforming our everyday lives. But persisting biases in datasets and models of AI applications increase the underrepresentation of women. This issue is especially pressing for women in the Global South, who are bearing the brunt of these inequalities. What answers do the BMZ and its feminist digital policy offer?

Artificial Intelligence technology (AI) is a key technology of the future. Therefore, as part of the German AI strategy, the Federal Ministry for Economic  Cooperation and Development (BMZ) advocates for a more open, sustainable, and gender-equitable use of AI. This includes strengthening the representation of women in the use and development of digital technologies - as the gender digital divide leaves women deprived of many opportunities to help shape the digital transformation.

This panel discusses the biases in AI and the role of feminist development policies (rights, resources, representation) and its importance for digital participation and the reduction of structural inequalities. Drawing in on AI and its use in development cooperation, the following questions will be explored: How can AI be designed in a non-discriminatory and gender-responsive way? And where does the BMZ currently stand regarding a feminist digital policy?