Content Moderation: Exploitation as a Service

Julia Kloiber, Daniel Motaung

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Without the work of content moderators, there are no social media platforms. Nevertheless, their indispensable work is done under exploitative conditions. In this keynote, we will discuss how resistance is rising, and workers are organizing to fight for their rights. We will share future visions for the field.
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In 2019 Daniel Motaung, content moderator by that time, was in the process of formally filing trade union papers when he got fired from his job. He has been fighting for better working conditions in court and organizing efforts outside of court. In March and May of 2023 two content moderator summits in Berlin and Nairobi took place to foster the exchange and networking of moderators across companies. While it is essential to talk about exploitative working conditions, we want to continue in this keynote. We will discuss future visions for the field and what it takes to make them a reality.

Daniel will be joining us remotely.

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