Developing generative AI boldly yet responsibly. A candid conversation on the future of tech.

Jen Gennai, Katharina Zweig

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Jen Gennai, Director of Responsible Innovation at Google, in conversation with Prof. Dr. Katharina Zweig, Computer Science Professor at TU Kaiserslautern on the opportunities and challenges of tech development in the age of generative AI - and their impact on users, companies, and society.
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AI is already helping the world take on challenges from disease to climate change, and can be a powerful force for progress. But if not developed and deployed responsibly, AI systems could also amplify current societal issues, such as misinformation, discrimination, and misuse of tools. And without trust and confidence in AI systems, businesses and consumers will be hesitant to adopt AI, limiting their opportunity to capture AI’s benefits.

Jen will describe Google’s approach to developing AI responsibly and at scale - and discuss with Katharina what opportunities and challenges arise looking ahead.

Jen Gennai
Director of Responsible Innovation