The diaspora of Objects : Restitution DAO

Sename Koffi Agbodjinou

07.06.2023 04:15 pm
Location: Courtyard

Mix-media performance to advocate a WEB3 project for the restitution of African objects looted during colonization.
Off Stage

A performance by Augusto Gerardi & David Barreto

In a groundbreaking engagement performance, Restitution DAO brings together participants from RE:Publica to explore the complex issue of looted objects housed in major museum collections. The DAO, short for Decentralized Autonomous Organization, operates on a voting-based system where every participant has an equal say in the decision- making process. The first phase of the performance involves voting to mint NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) representing these looted objects. The NFTs serve as digital certificates of ownership, making the intangible artifacts accessible to a wider audience. Through this process, the DAO aims to initiate a dialogue on the rightful ownership and reparation of cultural heritage. Once the NFTs are minted, the DAO participants enter the second phase, where they collectively decide whether to sell the digital representation of the looted objects back to the museums. This act challenges traditional power structures and invites discussions on restitution, ethical acquisition, and the role of museums as custodians of cultural artifacts. The final phase focuses on determining the utilization of the funds generated through the sale of the NFTs. This decision-making process showcases the DAO's commitment to transparency and inclusivity, allowing participants to vote on how the funds should be utilized. Potential options may include supporting cultural initiatives, funding projects that raise awareness about looted art, or providing financial assistance to marginalized communities affected by historical cultural appropriation.

Throughout the engagement performance, Restitution DAO serves as a catalyst for critical conversations, pushing the boundaries of traditional institutional frameworks. By embracing decentralized decision-making and employing emerging technologies like NFTs, the DAO strives to address historical injustices and promote a more inclusive approach to cultural heritage preservation.