Frictionless Planet

Renata Avila, Cathleen Berger, Michelle Thorne

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We are calling all organisations to activate the power of open knowledge and data to solve the climate crisis.

Today, scientists, academics and activists are working against the clock to save us from the greatest catastrophe of our time: The climate crisis. But they are doing so under-resourced, siloed and disconnected. Some of them are even facing physical threats or are only having a local, and strongly limited impact. We believe that an ecosystem of organisations combining tools, techniques and strategies to transform relevant climate datasets into applied knowledge and actionable campaigns can accelerate our efforts to save the planet. We want to reverse the common tendency by activating a cross-sectoral sharing process of tools, techniques and technologies to open out the data and unleash the power of knowledge to fight against climate change. In this panel discussion, the participants will share and discuss their efforts in this field.

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Sustainability, Social Impact, and Digital Rights
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Sustainable Internet Lead