The Future is Degrowth

Maja Göpel, Andrea Vetter, Sara Schurmann

Economic growth isn’t working, and it cannot be made to work. Degrowth has recently emerged to analyze how the ideology of growth conceals rising inequalities and ecological destructions associated with capitalism, and to propose desirable alternatives to it.
So let’s discuss Postwachstum.

Not only in society at large, but also on the left, we are held captive by the hegemony of growth. Even proposals for emancipatory Green New Deals or postcapitalism base their utopian hopes on the development of productive forces, on redistributing the fruits of economic growth and technological progress. Yet growing evidence shows that continued economic growth cannot be made compatible with sustaining life and is not necessary for a good life for all.

Is an economy without growth not only conceivable but also feasible, and if so, how can this transformation be initiated? Who is brave enough to take this step? And what does it take? Let’s discuss!


Maja Göpel
Wissenschaftlerin, Rednerin, Autorin, Politikberaterin
Andrea Vetter
Journalistin und Sprecherin die gesellschaftliche Transformation