Future Toilettes for Babies

DYCLE, Christian Schloh

Do you have a baby that needs diapers? Are you fed up with the amount of trash disposable diaper create? If you are curious to try something different, we will offer you compostable diaper inlays during the festival, take back the used ones and make soil from it. We invite you to experience the Diaper Cycle.
Off Stage

The Diaper Cycle is a new way of how baby diapers are to be produced, used and recycled, or rather upcycled, when they are no longer a waste but a nutrient for plants, transformed into fertile soil.

One child alone needs more than 5000 diapers until it can use the toilet by themselves. If disposable diapers are used that will result in more than 500 kg of waste.

Wouldn't it be fantastic if we could have humus instead, and plant trees with it? Yes, that is actually possible! 

How can this practically be done? We will show how it works and invite you to experience it yourself while being at the re:publica with your baby. If you already use/own cloth diapers the switch is easy, for everybody else we can borrow you the needed outer pants for the day.

You can find more information at dycle.org