Guardians of the colours of the Metaverse

Danny van der Laan Amsterdam Street Gallery

Location: Festsaal Kreuzberg

Guardians of the colours of the Metaverse is a disruptive Experience design and a nomadic invention creating connection and rhizomes around the Cash theme of rp23. It’s concept unfolds through a transmedia storytelling mix of Art, 3D design, music, philosophy, experience design, AR, an 8D Podcast and free NFT’s.
Off Stage

Guardians of the Colours of the Metaverse is a international quest starting in Berlin for 10 colourful Guardians who want to think and create peaceful warmachines, guerilla interventions, applications, games, platforms, VR, AR, MR, AI or any designs to create free and inclusive spaces and draw attention to the importance of the need of an inclusive and diverse Metaverse.

Danny sees the Metaverse as a nomadic learning environment where we can learn, experiment and teach to make our world the best of all worlds: ''When we learn to see and dare to deterritorialise ‘the state’ of privileged unequal structures that leads to inequality and inequality of opportunity, we can create new meanings and cultural experimental spaces, designs or awareness for all genders and nationalities without copying the structures and mechanisms of power of Western society into the Metaverse''.

To do that, he believes that only a community of critical and creative minorities who experienced inequality can bring a different and inclusive perspective on the value of equality, money, equality of opportunity and intercultural possibilities in the Metaverse.

Becoming a Guardian requires applying your motivation on the Amsterdam Street Gallery Discord (accessible by the profile page) during Re-Publica and you not being a white-sis-gender male (sorry guys!). If accepted, you get a Guardian (a free and unique NFT) that you can sell in the future to buy yourself space and time to do the job. This leaves you ultimately with the moral choice: keep the cash, or take the call.

Please come to the garden of Re-publica and search for 'the Portal to the 1st Verse' to listen to 'Guardians of the colours of the metaverse: the podcast' and learn everything about this nomadic invention and how to participate. Come make some selfies, play with AR, tag some, or just chill out. Everybody is welcome of course! #guardiansofthecoloursofthemetaverse

Amsterdam Street Gallery
Transmedia Storyteller, Education Innovation