How a VR documentary became an agent for reviving a language

Gayatri Parameswaran, Felix Gaedtke

Why are some languages falling silent? ...And what does it take to revive them? A virtual reality (VR) experience about the dormant indigenous Kusunda language in Nepal is contributing to its reclamation.
Media Meetup

Founders of the multi-awarded studio -- NowHere Media -- lead this interactive session about the phenomenon of language dormancy and the challenging task of revival. Their recent virtual reality documentary 'Kusunda,'  co-created with the last speakers of the eponymous indigenous language dives deep into the subject.  Hear their journey of using immersive media as a tool for cultural preservation. The piece has contributed to establishment of language revitalisation curriculum in the community.

Ein Bild von Felix Gaedtke
VR creator and documentary maker