Mothers*, Warriors, and Poets: Art and Care-Work Can Go Together

Mothers*, Warriors, and Poets Mothers*, Warriors, and Poets, Marie Lienhard, Anna Gohmert, Sascia Bailer

The artistic-activist platform „Mothers*, Warriors, and Poets“ counters patriarchal-capitalist norms by providing collective support structures for caregivers in the arts. Their re:publica exhibition explores care, societal expectations, and interdependence through video works & a conference.
Off Stage
The image contains a bold typographic design with the words "MOTHERS & WARRIORS AND POETS" prominently displayed in black letters on a white background. There's a small asterisk next to the word "MOTHERS" and at the bottom right corner, there is a note indicating that the term "mother" is used inclusively for all people with caregiving responsibilities.

Women*, especially mothers*, continue to perform the majority of unpaid care work. In the arts, disadvantages based on care work is also widespread: cultural workers with caring responsibilities are often structurally excluded from participating in residencies, shows, and funding. Through artistic and discursive formats, the artistic-activist platform of Mothers*, Warriors, and Poets centers feminist ethics of care, challenges patriarchal-capitalist narratives, and builds collective support structures for cultural workers who care. For re:publica, their exhibition explores care, aging, societal role expectations, natural healing, vulnerability and interdependence through five art works that span video, installation, photography, and research/reading material. Their installation includes the works of parent artists: Anna Gohmert, Renate Liebel, Marie Lienhard, Anna Schiefer, Julia Wirsching, and is curated by Sascia Bailer & Didem Yazıcı, who are also mothers*.