Permaculture Living Lab

Eric Nitschke, Mike Jensen, Elektra Wagenrad, Pamela Cuadros, Kersti Ruth Wissenbach, Nils Brock

What role can technology play in an ecosystem of care for people and life on Planet? A sincere approach is to look at technology in a permaculture context. Permaculture offers a universal set of ethics and design principles applied to seven intertwined action domains.
Makerspace Exhibition
Off Stage

Day 2 | Technologies for a Permaculture World

Do you want to know more about some already existing, sustainable technologies for healthy food production and climate justice? Then join this session showcasing solutions. Find out about efficient and robust solar power set-ups and local servers. Become familiar with bamboo infrastructure. Experience how automized watering and monitoring of nutrition and environmental conditions can be done in real time. Join the meet-up to get a firsthand experience…